Thursday, November 1, 2012

Never stopping

I am so ready for this semester to be over! I feel like I never get a chance to just sit at home and relax!! I slept in an extra hour this morning and since I've been up I've been responding to e-mails and cleaning out my inbox-it was a disaster!

My husband had to take the boys out trick-or-treating by himself last night since I had class and he hasn't sent me the ONE picture he took (I asked him to take pictures)so I'll try to get that tonight so I can show you my Elmo & Zombie tomorrow. Lab last night was the biggest waste of time (as they usually all are). We spent the majority of the night just sitting around talking and playing on our phones while we waited for the lab to set up. Besides the fact that there wasn't enough of the items ready for the lab-way to go lab manager!

I get to register for classes next Friday. I have them selected and sitting in my account just waiting to hit register at 7am next week. I'm taking two classes on campus and two online again. But my two on campus classes will be back-to-back in the mornings. There will be no more driving to campus twice a day and no more night classes. We end up not having any time as a family-especially dinner time-because I am always upstairs working on homework while eating dinner.

I have a paper due in health tomorrow that I haven't even had a chance to start. Hopefully I won't have much homework tonight and will be able to knock most of it out so I can revise it tomorrow when I get home from school. I feel so unorganized with school right now and it is driving me crazy. If I can just get through these next 5 weeks without pulling my hair out or strangling someone I'll be good!!

I have league tonight (3 games) and a tournament this weekend (3 games Saturday & 6 on Sunday) and then I'm subbing Sunday night (3 more games). I wonder if I'll be able to walk on Monday?? This is probably not my best idea. Bowling 15 games in 4 days...9 in one...I haven't done this since I was 17 and my knee wasn't bad. I'm hoping that the doctor's office will call today but probably not (they had a sign up that said insurance stuff takes 5-7 days). So if I'm lucky I'll hear from them middle of next week :-( My time to get the procedure done is so limited because I have to take someone with me and then stay off my leg for the rest of the day. Which means it has to be done on CJ's day off or get my mom to take a day off of work. For CJ to do it that limits me to a Thursday or Friday for the next month (which one is Thanksgiving week)and I don't want to do it on a Thursday because then I can't bowl and would have to sit at the bowling center icing my knee all night. And to do it on a Friday I can only do two of the Friday's because of things I can't miss in class and CJ has an appointment at Duke.

Today's post ended up being way longer than I thought...I really want to get some posts done and saved for during the week but I don't think there will be time to get that done this weekend. Maybe next week/end. Have a great day!! Photobucket

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