Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My doctor's appointment went as well as it could have yesterday. Thankfully he is finally going to try something besides physical therapy and rest (since I only bowled 3 games from middle of May-end of August) and neither of those helped. We are going to try a PRP treatment (a ton of athletes get it done now to help the healing process go faster). Basically they will draw blood from my arm then put it in a machine to separate it and then inject directly into my knee. I am totally ok with them drawing the blood from my arm. The injection into my knee is whats going to kill me. I don't do needles!!!! Hopefully we will get that scheduled by the end of the week (they got to get it preauth through the insurance company because I am not paying $350 out of pocket). We have enough medical bills right now between CJ's radiation treatments, Deqlan's surgery from June & Hayden's surgery from July. Although Deqlan's is almost paid off completely since his was done at a surgery center and not a hospital. Hayden's on the other hand probably won't be paid off til next year at some point.

And on a funny knee was bothering me really bad yesterday morning but not too much when I got to the doctors...and then he started pushing on it...I could barely walk when I left!!!

I have class tonight so I don't get to see the boys go trick-or-treating. This is really Hayden's first year of "getting" it. Last year we were rained out so they didn't get to go. I mean it was pouring and like 35 degrees. It'll be chilly tonight but at least no rain.

I have a paper due Friday that I haven't even had time to start yet and probably won't until Friday afternoon & it's due at 8pm...I don't know how I'm going to get it done! Hopefully I can get home today & get my Spanish homework out of the way and at least start planning it out. Thankfully it's all about my health so it shouldn't be too difficult.

I hope everyone has a great day!! Photobucket

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