Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So Close

Two more classes & then it's fall break!!!! So close I can taste it.  Even though I won't get to sleep in or go out of town like I really wanted I am looking forward to the break from school for a few days.  And by that I mean just from the process of going every day.  I am planning on getting caught up and ahead in my two online classes and trying to get some reading done for my biology class.  I also have two papers for my online classes due in November so I want to try to get those started or at least start researching them.

I just started my to-do list for break like the random things that need to be done: get my car inspected (which is past due as usual), open bank accounts for the boys (that has been on the to-do list for years), get some meals made up to freeze, and clean the house.  I have a bunch of errands that need to be done including a big grocery shopping (I've been so slack since CJ's family left!) Honestly fall break is coming at the perfect time-I haven't felt well for about two weeks-it's because I'm exhausted!!!

A girlfriend is going to take me out to lunch next week to celebrate my birthday (which is Sunday) and Sunday night we are doing our family birthday celebration.  We have 4 birthdays in 20 days on my side of the family & CJ's mom's birthday is in the mix as well which makes it a very expensive month for us!!

My face has been breaking out like crazy thanks to the stress my biology class has been causing me.  I feel confident that I did not bomb last nights test like I did the last one but I am not sure I actually passed :(

I am working on a list of blogs to write and post so if you have any suggestions please let me know! I do plan on posting a blog all about me :-)

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