Monday, October 15, 2012

Short Weeks

I'm ending up with 3 short weeks of class in a row :-) Two weeks ago Fall Break started so we had Thursday & Friday off.  Last week we were off Monday & Tuesday back on Wednesday.  Deqlan had awards on Friday so I didn't go to class.  This week we have a test Thursday which means we will get out as soon as we are done (about 20 minutes early) and then Friday if we don't have our midterm that day we don't have to go, so I have another Friday off :-) Monday is my midterm and I chose the first slot so I'll be done with class by 10:05!! I don't know what I'll do when I actually have a full week of class!

Tomorrow morning I have to be at school by 8am for a midterm workshop-it is not something I have to do for class and I don't get extra credit but if it will help me prepare for my midterm interview I am all for it.  Of course the workshop is done by 8:50 and my class doesn't start til 10 so I'll have to find something to do...sleep in my car maybe??

Deqlan has three baseball games this week and then we are done with fall ball.  He has enjoyed playing and his team is doing well (5-2) but I am ready for us to be home on Tuesday nights!! Deqlan had a rough week at school last week-I guess he had a hard time adjusting to tracking back in.  I am ready for this school year to be over and him to be back on a traditional calendar.  This momma can't handle two week track-outs.  I thought this school was going to be an amazing fit for Deqlan but we've had nothing but problems.  His teacher basically refuses to challenge him so in turn he is bored and talking or reading when he is not supposed to be.  I am going to see how this week goes and then we will be having a meeting with his teacher.  I wish I could transfer him back to his old school now.

I got so much accomplished this weekend between Friday & Sunday!! Both days I got everything completed off of my to-do list.  Sundays are going to end up being wonderful days to get things done.  As long as CJ has to work that is.  His schedule rotates every 4 weeks and he ends up with 8 Sunday's off in a row-which is a wonderful thing.  But on the Sunday's he does work he won't come home before bowling (he bowls league every Sunday night) which means he leaves the house around 5am and won't get home til 9ish.  Yes it makes for a long day but it gives me ALL DAY to get stuff done! If he's home we're typically very lazy on Sunday's :-)

I need to run and make CJ a to-do list for tonight since I have class and finish getting the boys ready for school.  Have a great day!!!



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  2. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours in return! Can I just say that I love your boys names! I may have to steal them in the future!