Friday, October 26, 2012


CJ & I both woke up with migraines this morning. Obviously he deals with one every day but this morning was more intense. He tried to call out of work but they had no one to run his route so he just left the house at 7:10-it's a 45 minute drive to work. I'll be lucky if he's home by 7pm. Of course that's assuming he actually works his product and doesn't just drop it off. But we have a party to go to tomorrow night so he has to get home at a reasonable time so he can shower & get ready. He's starting to have more bad days again which makes me really nervous for our follow-up appointment with the oncologist next month. I'm sure I'll have more migraines between now & then as I stress about what we will do next. I keep hoping to get an e-mail from my teacher cancelling class again but I don't think that's going to happen :( Wishful thinking!! We have a new neighbor and I can't wait to meet her! She's only a couple of years younger than me so it'll be nice to have someone my age around. I love my neighbors but they are all older than me. I had one neighbor my age but we were completely different people and just never hit it off. I have a bowling tournament next weekend and I'm hoping my knee holds up for it. I have my appointment with my orthopedic on Tuesday at 3pm...I asked my lab partner if she'll bail me out of jail when I get arrested for punching him in the face...She said of course...That is true love right there LOL!!! We had a class together spring semester that I dropped but we are having so much fun together in Biology. She definitely makes the class entertaining!! I've started looking at classes for next semester and it looks like I won't have to drive to campus every day-which my car will certainly appreciate. All depends on grades this semester & if I keep financial aid. I shot 705 in league last night :-) Games of 266, 226, & 213. I haven't been bowling well this season so far. I think the main reason was not bowling this summer and then of course my knee. The pain was really bad last night but somehow I fought through it. I love bowling. It is my life. Even when I'm not bowling well. It is basically all I know. I have bowled since I was 2 1/2. My entire family bowls (literally my parents, my brother, my husband, my in-laws, & my boys!!) Bowling is actually how I met CJ (well and he was friends with my brother). I used to work in a bowling center-gave them 9 years of my life (4 in high school & 5 after). I recently left them in July to concentrate on school. I miss my co-workers even though I see them every week. But everyone treats me differently now since I left. I'm ready for my Reno trip in May. It's a girls weekend where we go bowling the national tournament that is SUPPOSED to be in different cities every year but we are in Reno for 3 years in a row. Last year, this year, & next year. Just makes it an expensive girls trip. Since I've been going with them we've been to Charlotte (which was a nice short road trip right up the road from home), Detroit, Reno (7 months pregnant & I passed out!), El Paso, Syracuse, & then Reno again. The best trip we've had was El Paso!!! Shockingly enough-we were all dreading that trip!! But we definitely made it entertaining!!
**My friends Nancy, Melissa, & Me** L-R... We drove up the side of a mountain (where we found Jesus) only to discover that that is where a bunch of tourists had been kidnapped by Mexican drug gangs. Needless to say when we saw the warning sign we turned back around. We ended up finding this tunnel in the side of the mountain that had been boarded up. At some point it was a passageway to Mexico. What a random post today!! Have a great day everyone!!! Photobucket

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