Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting things done

I didn't go to class Friday morning (not because I just didn't want to-Deqlan had an awards ceremony at school at 9:30) and I definitely took full advantage of having the day off and a few hours with no kids! I know I just went back to school from fall break but Thursday and Friday Deqlan didn't have school and even though he went back to school on Monday I had errands that I had to get done without the boys.  Needless to say my house needed some attention! After Deqlan's awards ceremony I came home and got to work.  I did a lot of little tasks but it felt good to get a lot of things crossed off my to-do list!

Once I picked up Hayden from school we headed out to run some errands (Bath & Body Works, Barnes & Noble, Ulta, & Target).  We had to go to the mall to get my dad's birthday present so we stopped at Bath & Body Works while we were there.  I got two of their 3-wick candles, a foaming hand soap, a soap cover, a candle holder, & a body wash for $29.  They are running their 2 for $20 candle special again.  I'm hoping to get back over there Monday and get a few more of the winter scents since they have those out as well.  Barnes & Noble was to get my Dad's birthday present-just a gift card but he loves to read so it really is the easiest thing to do! And I picked up a book that I heard about from a YouTuber, "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  It is essentially a daily devotional.  There are 366 days (yes she included leap year)! I read Friday's entry and I am hooked already.  I plan on reading this book for many years.  She has other books that go along with it so maybe I'll get those at some point.  I spent entirely too much money at Ulta and hardly got anything.  I am not exactly sure that I will keep all of it.  I got a Stila eye shadow, a Tarte blush, an Anastasia brow pencil, two different Maybelline mascaras, and two highlighters.  Late last week I placed an order for three Sigma brushes and those came in so I am excited to try those.  I already have a list of three more that I want to try if I decide I like these.

The boys and I will be staying home tomorrow to get some more stuff done.  I like to get Deqlan's lunches made for the week on Sunday so I can just grab everything and pack it quickly in the morning.  Hayden gets to stay at school and eat lunch Tuesday & Wednesday this week so I have to make his lunch as well.  I have to get better about using my time at home wisely to keep it clean.  I have tried to get my husband to help out more around the house with keeping it clean and it really isn't working.  Unless I specifically tell him to do something he won't do anything.  It's very frustrating to be in school full-time, get up Monday-Friday at 5am and not get to bed until 11pm at the earliest.  Yes he gets up earlier than I do on his work days but I am running non-stop until I go to bed.  Either running the boys around somewhere or doing homework and trying to get the house picked up.  He is usually in bed by 8:30 which is basically as soon as the boys are in bed.  I am hoping that at some point soon my message gets through to him.  Otherwise I am likely to loose it on him...AGAIN!

I am considering getting an iPad (like this week) but can't decide if I should do it.  I've wanted one for a while but am hesitating because the boys will want to play on it all the time.  If I get one I am only getting the 2...I want one with 3g but I'd have to order that and I am not a patient person :-) Advice???

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