Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I hope everyone is safe & sound from Hurricane Sandy. I'm too far inland to have seen any real effects of it. But we still are dealing with some wind & rain. I had a great weekend!!! Saturday night we went to my girlfriend Tracy's house for what we are saying will be an annual Halloween party :-) I even got CJ to dress up!!

It was nice to let loose and have a few (or more) drinks. Sunday we went over to visit a new neighbor who was having a housewarming. CJ was at work all day and had league that night so he left at 4am and didn't get home til 9:30pm. Typically I would hate that but with him not home I get so much stuff done for the week!

Today is my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. I'm already frustrated and I haven't even gone yet. It doesn't help I have a tournament this weekend and have to sub for someone Sunday night which means I will be bowling 12 games in 2 days and 9 on Sunday...I haven't done that since I was 17...Should be interesting!!

I'm going to run to school, go to Hayd's preschool for a fall party, come home, eat, shower & get ready, & then head to my appointment where I will be for who knows how long...I think I'll bring homework with me! I'm supposed to get together with my lab partners tonight to start working on our final project but we will see if that actually happens. I hope you guys had a great weekend!! Photobucket


  1. Hello Megan,

    Thought I would hop in from the Love My Friends hop. Excited to stick around and follow along, hope you and your family have a wonderful Halloween. Loving your costumes :)