Sunday, November 8, 2015

Assignment for Emerging Technologies

This is an old blog that I have not submitted anything on in well over a year. I decided to go ahead and use this for my assignment rather than create a new blog. A blog is an online web entry where you can keep your journal or write about a topic that interests you. Blogs consist of well-formed sentences, good detail, and nice graphics and pictures. I was a consistent blogger off and on for 8 years. I blogged the majority of my oldest sons first year and then off and on once my younger son was born. I feel very flustered with the fall semester this year. The semester started and I had a couple of rough assignments which included a group project where no one did the assignment and then the group leader never submitted it and an issue with getting enrolled in the correct online course which started me off with three zero's on assignments. This was very difficult for me to handle after having a 4.0 last semester and a 3.8 the semester before that. I have let it go and realized that my grades may not be as high this semester but I am finally only one semester away from finishing my associate's degree and that is what is important to me at this point! Another reason why this semester was difficult was how busy my kids have kept me not just on the weekends but during the week as well. We get one night with absolutely nothing to do every other week. Both of my boys are in sports and my oldest son is on a travel team that meets for practices multiple times a week and has tournaments almost every weekend. I will never let my schedule keep them from doing the things that they love to do so it just requires me to be that much more organized. Photobucket