Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Admitting the truth

This is a hard one for me to write...

I leave for Reno in 9 days for a bowling tournament. We bowl 3 games for team event on Saturday evening and then 6 games for doubles and singles bright and early Sunday morning. Since my knee surgery in late December I have bowled a total of 5 games and those were not done at the same time (1 game, then 2 & 2 again). My goal was to be back 100% by the time I left for Reno. Unfortunately I am still not cleared from my surgeon to resume bowling again. I have gone against doctor's orders because I was told it would be a 12 week recovery and I am currently at 18 1/2 weeks and I do not go back again until July 3rd. We booked my flight and paid my entry fee based off of the 12 week deadline. I am no where close to be ready for this tournament. I am looking forward to a few days away but I know how disappointed I am going to be. My goal at this point is to make it through team event and doubles event. If I don't bowl singles I am okay with that. I don't hurt anyone but myself.

I have had a hard time admitting to myself lately that this surgery did more harm then good. I went into surgery knowing that there was only a 50% success rate, but it is still crushing to know that not only did it not help, it made it worse!

I am ready to be back at 100%!!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

So behind!

I am so far behind on ready blogs it's not even funny...BUT!! Hopefully that will change next weekend :-) I'll be in the car for 7 hours between Saturday & Sunday and I plan on buying an iPad mini this week so I will have a chance to catch up while my dad drives :-) We will be heading right outside of Charlotte for Deqlan to bowl in a tournament both Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning. Then in a little more than a week and a half I'll be on my way to RENO!!! I cannot wait for a fun weekend of girl time :-)

Deqlan has his last regular season select double header today :( They have a weekend long tournament the weekend I'm gone (talk about bad timing). I am so sad to say good-bye to this team. The kids have progressed so much since tryouts in January. We knew going in it would be a rough season but they have fought hard each and every game. We know nothing about the team we play today so hopefully the kids go out and play hard and make good plays like we've seen them do before!

This week will be busy with bowling practice, baseball games, cleaning the house for our weekend away (CJ has to work so he's not coming), and packing for Charlotte. I'm also starting my Reno prep since I'll be at my parents house Wednesday night next week for our Thursday morning departure. I think the boys and I may stay with my parents Friday night since we'll need to leave fairly early Saturday morning.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Where I've Been?

The weekend ended up being fairly low-key. Which was lovely considering this weekend is busy and then I'm out of town the following two weekends. Saturday morning the boys (including CJ who was off) & I got up and headed to the bowling center to get some practice in. I made it through 2 games (not enough) when I felt some serious pain in my knee so we packed up and headed home. I spent the rest of the day resting and icing my knee. Sunday we headed down the road 45 minutes for Deqlan's double header. The first game was just plain ugly, the kids just couldn't get it together in the field. By the end of the game though they were finally hitting the ball and managed to score some runs. Final was 10-4 (I am not convinced that the other team only scored 10). The second game was much better! They were hitting the ball and fielding the ball so well. They lost the game but it was a hard fought game. Final score 10-9.

This week has been rough. I've been fighting a sinus infection, this is like the fifth one since October, and have had absolutely no energy. I've been trying to stay on top of housework in preparation of being out of town next weekend and the weekend after. Deqlan's Rec ball team started games this week. Tuesday night's game was canceled due to soaking wet fields but we were able to play last night. I made a menu for this week and we only missed one night. Which for us is amazing! Tonight we are heading to a minor league baseball game that's only a few minutes from the house with some of the kids from our Rec team. We have become very close with our head coach and his family because both of the boys are on the select team and one of the kids from the other Rec team going with us. We have all become a family since Select started in January...Literally the kids all love each other (6 boys & 1 girl), us moms are the best of friends, and the two husbands feel totally outnumbered. Tomorrow is one of the boys birthday (and we have to miss his party because of a bowling tournament) so we cannot wait to celebrate with him tonight at the game. The baseball players get to wear their uniforms and got out on the field before the game and meet the players and then they'll get to run the bases afterwards. Tomorrow Deqlan has a bowling tournament in the afternoon. So we will spend the morning helping my mom get some things done around her house. Sunday we have our last regular season select games! I am so sad. They are playing in a tournament in two weeks but I will be in Reno. Select ball has been one of the best decisions we have made for Deqlan this year!

Next week will be a busy one prepping to head to Charlotte for Deqlan's bowling tournament. All while trying to get lots of practice in on the lanes for me. I have not been able to bowl nearly enough to be ready for Reno in two weeks. I'll also be trying to get ready for Reno next week since I have a short week the week we leave.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!