Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trying to do better

I think it's the weather (still cold & pretty rainy) but I have had no desire to blog recently. I am setting a goal for myself to blog at least 3 times a week until I leave for California. I got my flight booked Monday night and talked to my Aunt and cousin on Sunday. It's going to be such a quick trip but I am glad I am going. If I've learned nothing else in the past 18 months the most important thing is family. I've also started looking at flights to take the boys to New Hampshire at some point before the end of the year. I would love to go in October but I don't want Deqlan to miss too many days of school. When we go my goal is to be there for at least 5 days so I can see everyone. I have family from both my mom & dad's side so lots of people to visit. BUT no one on my mom's side has met the boys so that is probably the most important part of the trip! When I go I know I'll be renting a car (it'll just be easier with the boys).

The next two weeks will be busy but exciting. I have to finish up shopping for the boys Easter baskets today. Deqlan is out for spring break starting tomorrow and Hayden is out Friday. Next week during spring break I have another follow-up with the surgeon and then I'll be bowling after that (at this point regardless of what he says) and both of the boys have dentist appointments. We also have two rec practices and at least one select practice (we just don't know when yet). Plus, we will have to get this house clean! Deqlan is having a sleepover for his birthday Friday night. His birthday is Sunday but we have a double header and then we will go out to dinner with the family afterwards.

My goal is to get the house cleaned next week so it'll be easy to keep up the week I leave. I hate leaving CJ with a dirty house mainly because it will be a disaster when I get home if it is not clean when I leave! CJ's mom will be coming over Thursday night after league to stay at least the night but I'm sure the weekend and help out with the boys. Deqlan has practice Thursday night so I will have to wait for CJ to get home before I can go to my moms for the night. Our flight is at 9:45 Friday morning but we have to pick up my grandparents on the way to the airport and it will take a little bit longer to get through security with my grandfather. So since we will have to leave so early I just decided to stay at my parents house the night before (I'll do it in May too when we go to Reno).

I've started getting stuff for my trip which is good because I need most of it for my Reno trip as well. I have to find a cocktail dress and shoes at some point as well. Maybe Mom and I can get away for a little bit of shopping this weekend at some point. Saturday is going to be a busy day. Deqlan has bowling in the morning and then a birthday party immediately after (thankfully it's at the bowling center). Then we have to rush home to watch some hockey and then I think I'm going out for the night (CJ ended up going to another hockey game last night so I'm going out too). Which means Sunday will be spent catching up on sleep and hopefully making some meals for the week.

I have to run and make Deqlan's lunch for his field trip today and get myself ready to take them to school! Have a great day!


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  1. You are one BUSY mom!!!! So jealous of your Cali trip - I love that state!