Friday, March 15, 2013


Deqlan had ball practice last night (coldest night of the week) from 5:30-7:30...boy was it cold...When I was ready to go to sleep at 10:30 I still hadn't warmed up yet. I probably should have dressed a little warmer like leggings under my jeans. My knee is definitely paying for it today :-( But on the bright side the coach told me how impressed he was with Deqlan's improvement! Always makes a momma feel good!! Especially when CJ hasn't had any time to work with Deqlan since the season started (major issue in our home right now).

My girlfriend Rachael is having a Thirty-One Party tonight that I'll be going to. Up until October I was selling Thirty-One but just ran out of the energy it takes to sell. I want to get a tote bag to take to games in the team colors :-) I am looking forward to a much needed night out with the girls!

Our Saturday was supposed to be crazy busy with a bowling tournament in the morning (for Deqlan)and then heading straight to the ball field for a cancer fundraiser BUT our games for the cancer fundraiser are at 10 & 12 so Deqlan will miss BOTH games. He was not to happy about that but we committed to this tournament in October and cannot get our money back. So now we just have bowling in the morning and then I'll need to run some errands (like grocery shopping)but otherwise Saturday will be pretty low key. Sunday we have another double header but at our home field so thankful we don't have to travel anywhere for that this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It is going to be gorgeous tomorrow (high of 74) and not so nice on Sunday when we are at the ball field all afternoon. See you Monday!


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  1. Have fun at your thirty-one party tonight! Happy Friday! :)