Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Design!!

I LOVE my new design!! Thanks to Erin from .

I'm still not 100% in the mood to blog. I've just been down in the dumps lately and feeling completely disconnected from everything. I don't know if it's because we are so busy right now or if it's because CJ has been working so much that we hardly see each other. I totally feel like we are just roommates and not married.

Tonight I am going to my first Hurricanes game of the season (super sad our #1 goalie got hurt Sunday night and is out 6-8 weeks). CJ's mom is babysitting the boys so we can get out for a little bit. Last night I went to the bowling center where I worked for 10 years to celebrate the 30th anniversary. They opened March 4, 1983 and the general manager has worked there the entire time. We surprised her with a little party and she was definitely shocked!

Deqlan's select team has their first set of games this weekend (double headers every Sunday). Next weekend will be insane. Deqlan has a bowling tournament in the morning (we have to be there at 8:45 and he starts at 9:30) then as soon as he is done we have to drive 45 minutes back home so he can play ball for a cancer fundraiser that starts at 10am (yep he's missing the morning) and then turn around and play a double header on Sunday. I dread next weekend & next Monday!!

I saw the surgeon yesterday morning. Another 4 weeks of no bowling & then I'll see him again. Hopefully he clears me April 1st because I get on a plane for Reno May 16th and I need to get some practice in before then. He did tell me I don't have to continue PT but do need to get a gym membership (that was his nice way of saying get off your butt)!!

I got to get ready for my last PT appointment and to run some errands after before getting Hayden from school. Have a great day!


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