Sunday, March 24, 2013

California Bound

Last weekend my Aunt sent me an invitation to her 50th birthday party at her house. She lives in Southern California. I instantly told her I wouldn't be there. But as I looked at air fare and found out we had a 20% off code and a credit from a difference in price for our Reno flight I decided I'll spend the money to fly out for the party. I will be leaving NC Friday the 12th and flying home Sunday the 14th. It will be an incredibly long weekend for me but I have learned since losing my Aunt on my mom's side 18 months ago that family is so very important. I will sacrifice a weekend of sleep to celebrate with my family.

With that being said I have 3 weeks to get myself ready and this house ready for my trip!! I have to find some shoes to wear with my dress (and figure out if it is dressy enough for the party) and find some clothes to take with me (good thing I've started ordering shorts & capri's for the summer). I really want to get a pair of mint skinny jeans for spring but I don't know that I will actually take pants with me (maybe if I find a comfy pair I'll wear those on the plane).

The two weekends between now and my trip are Easter and Deqlan's birthday. I know what I am getting for the boy's Easter baskets I just have to get it and put them together. I'm supposed to be going out with the girls Saturday night next weekend so those need to be ready to go. Deqlan's birthday we have a pretty good idea what we are doing. He wants to invite a few of his teammates over for a sleepover. I just need to do an e-vite for that and send that out. I told him he could invite 4 to spend the night (although I know one for sure that he wants won't be able to).

We are supposed to have a double header today (with a high of 41) but it is supposed to rain ALL day so we are pretty sure it will be cancelled (as in the coach still hasn't e-mailed directions). I am annoyed that I still set my alarm to get up early to get some things done because we won't know for sure until 11:30 or so when we need to leave at 12!!

With adding my CA trip I will now be traveling April, May, & June. I'm planning on taking the boys to New Hampshire to meet my mom's side of the family either in August before school starts or at the beginning of October for my birthday. Weather wise I would love to be there at the beginning of October but that will require both boys to miss school and I'd prefer they not do that (specifically Deqlan).


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