Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where is Spring??

Yesterday was the first day of's high is 47! Let's get it together Mother Nature! I'm ready for flip flops & capris!!

Deqlan had baseball practice last night & has it again tonight. Last night wasn't too bad temperature wise, tonight on the other hand will be pretty cold! My town needs a Starbucks so I could at least have a coffee to keep warm!! I love our group of parents for Select ball (which is good since we spend so much time together) and I'm sad that we've been split up for Rec ball. There are 4 rec teams for our town and they try to split the select kids up evenly but since they didn't have enough girls for softball that put us at an odd number of select kids (13) and somehow someone still ended up with more than 4 kids from what I have heard. I'm pretty sure the guy in charge of the baseball program is trying to run it into the ground (and boy is he succeeding). Deqlan did end up with the same coach from fall ball which we are very happy about! We have become very close with that family and are glad the boys get another season together.

Rec ball practice starts next week and will be two nights a week until games start April 30th. Plus we will have at least one select practice a week and two select games on the weekends. In other words our life now revolves around baseball until the beginning of June and then swim team starts! We do keep Deqlan busy with activities BUT the minute he doesn't want to do anything anymore (well once that season is over) he doesn't have to continue it. We do make him finish the season out.

Tomorrow morning CJ and I are going to head to the Outlet Mall that's about 20 minutes from us. There is an Under Amour outlet and since the high for Sunday is 45 and rainy for Deqlan's games we need to get some gear!! We haven't been to the outlets in a couple of years so I have a feeling we will stop at Stride Rite for some shoes for Hayden and maybe grab some shoes for Deqlan too. I'm pretty good at guessing his shoe size. In other words it'll end up being a pretty expensive trip!

I have the morning to myself so I'm going to catch up on some tv that I've missed this week! Have a great day!!


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