Monday, January 20, 2014


We are still in weekend mode around here. Deqlan had a half day on Friday and then is out today & tomorrow. Hayden goes back to school tomorrow (which he will not be happy that Deqlan doesn't have to go). CJ is off of work til Thursday because of some D.O.T issues. We didn't get much accomplished this weekend but before CJ goes back to work on Thursday all of my Christmas decorations better find their way up to the attic! It's all taken down & put away but just sitting in my bonus room!

Tomorrow evening is my MRI for my knee and I am hoping to have the results by the end of the week (my doctor tends to be a little slow on calling people) so if I expect to hear back by Friday and hear back earlier I will be pleasantly surprised! I also have a board meeting tomorrow night for the pool (well it is supposed to be tomorrow but one of the members keeps trying to move the date because she has somewhere to be). And now they are calling for snow tomorrow evening starting around 5. The last thing I want is to be out driving in the snow (it shouldn't cause too many road problems because it is supposed to be 60 today but we don't get snow often down here and people do not know how to drive in it)!

I got Deqlan registered for spring ball last week and now I need to go by the athletics office and get my check back. His coach for quite a few seasons will be coaching in another town this year so we are making the move with him. We have the promise that Deqlan will be put on his team and should be able to stay with him for as long as he is coaching. So I need to get that taken care of this week and get both of the boys registered in the new town. But before I can register Hayden I need to call and get some information on their t-ball program (nothing online). I need to go through Deqlan's baseball gear and see what still fits (hopefully all of his under armour shirts)! We bought new cleats during the fall so he should be all set with those.

That's about all we have going on around here. I need to make an appointment with an ENT for me and move CJ's pain clinic appointment but both offices are closed today for the holiday. So it looks like it will be a much needed lazy day at home for us!


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