Friday, June 6, 2014

Bad blogger!

Life has been insane to say the least! CJ went back to work in the middle of January & then early last month he missed a week of work because we thought he had broken his leg. Thankfully he did not and apparently it was just a really deep tissue/bone bruise. We will be going back to Mayo at some point (hopefully this summer) but we are still waiting to hear when (and have been since February).

Deqlan is finishing up the school year. Next Thursday is his last day! Hard to believe he is going to be in 4th grade. Baseball season is almost over. The regular season ended last night and then the tournament is Monday and Tuesday nights next week. He didn't make all-stars but we knew he wouldn't. He struggled with his hitting all season (as in only has one hit in 12 games). He has grown leaps & bounds defensively though. We are hoping to get his hitting lessons started again and continue them through the off-season and then come the fall he will be ready to try out for a travel team and hopefully put rec ball to rest.

Hayden graduated preschool a few weeks ago! He was too cute in his little cap & gown. He just finished his first T-ball season last night (he was not a fan). Not sure if he will play again next year and probably won't know until the day to register comes. He is so indecisive. He will start Kindergarten in August and he CANNOT wait to be at the same school as his brother. This mom is super excited to only have to do two carpools a day (potentially only one if my brother moves into the neighborhood this summer)!

I am still having some knee issues. I had Supartz injections done in April and while my knee has dislocated as many times as it would normally it is still doing it on a regular basis. I am having a mole removed from my back today. The doctor said it's benign but it's been bothering me so we will go ahead and remove it and biopsy it just to be safe. I am taking one class this summer and then just registered for fall classes (and am praying that my financial aid appeal is approved so I can go full-time in the fall)!

I've been cleaning the house like crazy the last week trying to get rid of baby stuff. We've made a decent dent and have been able to sell quite a bit. I have a new kitchen table being delivered on Monday and then I will have a dining room again instead of toy storage :-)