Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sometimes I should keep my mouth shut

Yesterday morning I talked about CJ's doctors appointment on Friday. And one of my goal's for my 5 for Five was to not stress out about his appointment. Already major fail!!!!

When I left the house yesterday morning everything was fine. I planned on dropping the boys off at school, heading to class, going to minute clinic for eye drops for my pink eye, and then coming home to relax before biology. HAHA! NONE of that happened after I dropped the boys off. I tried to call CJ while I was sitting in carpool at Deqlan's school but he didn't answer-no surprise there. He sent me a text while I was taking Hayden to school saying he was going to need to call an ambulance because the headache had gotten so severe he could hardly move (like couldn't stand up at all). I quickly dropped Hayden off at preschool and told the director what was going on. Drove 45 minutes to the store he was at (all while making phone calls to friends and family to figure out what to do with Hayd when he got out of school). Get to his store and a few other vendors helped wheel him out to the car in an office chair (his pain has not been that bad in MONTHS). Off to the emergency room we went.

We got to the emergency room about 10:45. They ran a CT (of his head which isn't the issue-I know that sounds crazy but his headaches are caused by a bone disease in his back) and did some blood work. Besides a slightly elevated white blood count (we are all battling a nasty cold-more on that in a few) everything looked fine. They gave him two doses of a super strong pain killer and a liter of fluids. That seemed to break the cycle fairly quickly. We were discharged about 2:30. Did I mention that I hadn't eaten anything all day? We headed straight to Jersey Mike's!! Then had to run home and get Hayden from my dad-who had picked him up from a friend of mine who was able to pick him up from school.

I had planned on heading to minute clinic after I got Deqlan from school only to find out that it was closed yesterday afternoon/evening for some reason. I figured since I was already going I would have them check out my sore throat too (it's been bothering me since Thursday evening). I decided I would just go to urgent care and get checked out because my eye was driving me crazy at this point (my eye doctor wouldn't call anything in without seeing me & suggested I have the ER doctor look at it-why pay for an ER visit when I know what it is??) Urgent Care actually was pretty quick (and I did not go to the same one we took Hayden to Sunday) and she confirmed yes I have pink eye (big surprise) and also a sinus infection. She goes everything's so swollen I can't even see the infection. Lovely. Left there with 3 prescriptions. As I pulled into Target to pick up my meds they called to let me know they were out of one of my prescriptions....THE EYEDROPS!!! The most important one. They wanted me to drive to another store to pick it up (20 minutes away) or wait til today...Neither of those were an option. I had them call the doctor and have her to change it to one they HAD it stock (didn't seem that a difficult choice to me). Thankfully they were able to do that pretty quickly. But it was 6:30 before I was home for good last night. And unfortunately I did not make it to my biology class last night. There was no way I could have driven home at 9:30 after class.

CJ's boss gave him the day off today so he could rest and get the rest of those meds out of his system. Which works since CJ's car is still at the warehouse. I have to drive him in this afternoon for a meeting and he'll drive his car home then and make the decision if he's going to work tomorrow or not.

I really wasn't lying yesterday when I said there wasn't a dull moment in our household. Here's to hoping the rest of the week is not as crazy.

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  1. Holy smokes! You are a busy woman! Here's to things slowing gown a bit & some good health vibes sent your way!!

  2. I hope your entire family gets to feeling better!

  3. Are you absolutely exhausted? I know you are.

    Are you in NC?!

  4. Girl, I know all about those ER visits! Wake Med is one of my least favorite places! Thanks for the tip about the Wendell light show. I would love to go see it....if Lee gets back in good health...things still aren't good right now.

    btw...Did you know you're a "no reply" blogger? This just means your email isn't attached to your blog comments and if you comment on my blog (or anyone's), we can't just reply to you by email. If you're interested in knowing how to fix this or for a better explanation than mine...you can look here: http://anyonecandecorate.blogspot.com/2012/09/are-you-no-reply-blogger-how-to-fix.html

    1. Thanks for that tip :-) I just changed it! I much prefer Wake Med's ER over Duke Raleigh. We try to go to Duke now since all of his doctors are Duke based. I want to go see the lights soon but like you don't know when that will happen due to health issues :(

  5. Hopefully the rest of the week will go a little smoother and a bit less stressful. Sending calming thoughts your direction!