Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So I ended up having to miss my class yesterday because Hayden was sick and tonight I missed my Biology Lab because I am sick. Really bad timing with finals coming up in ONE MONTH!!

I don't remember if I have talked about this but Deqlan has been bullied by a 5th grader at school. Harmless name calling but it finally got to the point where Deqlan lost his cool and hit the kid upside the head with his lunchbox. Of course Deqlan was punished by the school with two days of silent lunch with the assistant principal. The issue is the school doesn't think this is a case of bullying. To add this to the long list of things the school has done since we've been there in July finally made me reach my breaking point. We submitted a request to have Deqlan transferred back to his old school this morning. We should have our answer in 7-10 business days (which will make it after Thanksgiving because of Veteran's Day and the fact they are only open Monday-Thursday). I am asking for all prayers for patience for us and that they grant us the request. Otherwise I will probably have to homeschool him for the rest of the year which will mean not taking classes next semester myself.

That's all for tonight I need to get in bed so I can get up on time and study in the morning for my Spanish test tomorrow. Photobucket


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    I'm your new follower, found your blog through the Follow Me Maybe Blog Hop :)


  2. Thanks for the follow! Still not feeling great hopefully it'll pass soon!