Monday, November 5, 2012

Not feeling it today

I'm just not feeling it today...and by it I mean just about everything. I don't want to go to class (but I will), I don't feel like dealing with Deqlan's school (but I have too), and really don't feel like leaving the house (and again I have to).

It was an incredibly long weekend that required me to spend the entire thing in a bowling center for a tournament. I bowled well Saturday but not Sunday and I am disappointed in myself for that. I cannot wait to get my stupid knee fixed and be back at 100%. Tired of wasting money in tournaments. Upside we will be bowling in a tournament before we go to Nationals in May (we haven't bowled the last 3 or 4 years) and it's at the beach which makes me incredibly happy :-)

Deqlan apparently has been bullied by a 5th grader (he's in 2nd grade) basically the entire school year. Tuesday Deqlan finally had enough and hit the kid with his lunch box in the back of the head. Of course Deqlan was disciplined and the school doesn't think that this is a bullying issue. The kid has been calling Deqlan names all year. The first I heard of this whole situation was the phone call from the assistant principal on Wednesday. I am not a fan of her. She doesn't think this older child calling Deqlan names EVERY SINGLE TIME he sees him is considered bullying. Just him trying to be the class clown. Well I've got news for that school. That is bullying if Deqlan feels picked on-which he does. I wish Deqlan had told me about it when it started but you better believe we did not punish him at home for standing up for himself. I'm furious that the school punished him. So I need to get an appointment with the principal today and go in and see what we can do about transferring him back to his old school. We are so unhappy where he is this year and I just can't tough it out for the rest of the year. We NEVER had issues last year or in Kindergarten. I want him out of that school now (my mom thinks I should wait til Winter Break but that is still 6 weeks away). Thankfully my dad is an attorney and now represents the Board of Education so that may help make things a little bit easier. But I can tell you this if the principal tries to give me the run around dad will be in that office with me tomorrow morning.

Add all of that on top of it being the end of the semester for me and all of the teachers piling on crazy amounts of work because heaven forbid that be spread out through the entire semester!! I am stressed and ready for this next 5 weeks to be over...Then I get a wonderful 3 week break before spring semester starts!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Photobucket

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