Friday, November 9, 2012


I am currently trying to register for spring semester classes. Webadvisor refuses to load. Gotta love my school. They know how to piss me off before I even step on campus for the day. If I loose these classes they won't like me very much! I tried calling help desk and they don't open til 8...they are supposed to be open early during registration. So much for that.

We bowled CJ's team last night. My team bowled really well...CJ's team bowled better. He shot 300 (again like his 20th one LOL) but I was still crying before he even threw the 12th shot. It has been such a long year with all of his health issues. He didn't bowling from Christmas 2011-August 2012. We were both concerned he wouldn't get back to where he was. I think that is why I was so emotional about it.

I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and I'll have to take Hayden with me. And hopefully I will get my PRP injection scheduled today but I think the nurse that needs to schedule is off which means it'll be Monday before they schedule it. All because the office couldn't call to let me know I don't need per-authorization for the procedure. They decided they wouldn't call until they knew my portion. They were already told I was getting it done regardless of how much it costs. Anything to make my knee feel better I will take the risk and spend the money!!

I need to get Hayden up and ready for school!



  1. Registering for classes was always a nightmare when I was in college... Ball State had a terrible system.

  2. It's horrible. Registration opened at 7 but the system was down til 8 for maintenance.