Monday, November 12, 2012

No school!

For the boys! I don't know why my College didn't cancel classes...but they didn't so the boys got to sleep in a bit & are getting ready to head to the neighbors so I can go to Spanish. I have class tonight as well (including a test) not looking forward to that at all!! I'm almost done with this semester and I feel like all of this work is being piled on (as always). Of course my health paper last week (that I got 100 on) I knew about all semester but didn't get the actual assignment until 2 weeks before and just never had time to do it until the day it was due! And today I have a psychology assignment due that I've known about all semester and still haven't done (as in thought I had an article for it went to start working on it this morning and had to find another one!) So I will be up late working on that tonight because once I get home from class this morning I have to study for Biology! My psychology assignment is due at 11:59 so I guess I'll be up late tonight!

I will try to check in tomorrow but who knows if that'll happen at this point. We are going out to dinner with some friends tomorrow night to a very nice restaurant so once I get home from school I have to get all of my homework knocked out so we don't have to rush to get home (although we do have to pick the boys up from my moms) I may try to convince her to bring them home once we are on our way. Glad she only lives 3.5 miles away :-) Photobucket

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