Monday, November 26, 2012


So our family has been battling a nasty cold for over a month now. Hayden brought it home and gave it to me, CJ got it a week or so later, Hayden got it again, and then promptly decided to share it with me yet again! So Wednesday afternoon I discovered that Hayden had pink eye and I woke up this morning and I'm pretty sure I now have pink eye! Whatever this cold's a doozy. I was super careful around Hayden and we were washing hands like crazy so this must just be our luck to both get pink eye. I guess I'll be heading to the minute clinic after class today to get looked at!!

9 more days of classes & then finals :-) Technically it's 10 days but CJ has a doctors appointment with his oncologist on Friday where we will be at the hospital all day so no class for me. I need to find time this week to get two Christmas trees up & decorated! Ready for this house to look like Christmas. I still need to find matching pj's for the boys. I get them matching pj's and then we take their picture by the tree. I'm having a hard time finding them now though because Deq is out of "little boys" sizes (not sizes 4-7 anymore!).

I don't know how much I will be around for the next few weeks while I deal with end of the semester craziness...although most of our work is done just a few things left (including a group project in biology that we haven't even gotten together on yet that's due next Monday and I'm out of town this weekend).


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