Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow & other things

We don't get snow here very often...and when we do everyone freaks out and the state/city shuts down for days! A week and a half ago we had pretty snow first thing in the morning, it was so pretty to watch it coming down and then that was it, no sticking because it had been too warm. Last Tuesday evening it snowed about 2 inches at our house which gave us a 2 hour delay Wednesday morning. And now they are calling for more snow starting tomorrow evening into Wednesday! This seriously could not happen at a worse time. CJ is super busy at work this week because of Super Bowl Sunday and can't afford to miss a day because of bad roads or even go in late (since Wednesday he has already worked 50+ hours and he still has today-Wednesday before he's off). I like watching the snow come down but I'd really like to have my husband home and not at his brothers house tomorrow night!

Deqlan is 8 1/2 and in 3rd grade. He's always been super smart and ahead of the majority of his peers. He finished 2nd grade reading on an end of 5th grade level. He gets so bored in class that there are many times he has a hard time focusing on the easier work. In any event, he has been doing tests for AG placement for next year. He took the first test (CogAt) in October and did wonderfully so he took the 2nd test (IOWA test) in December (after missing 3 days of school). He scored above 99% of the kids exactly his age! We are good friends with one of the teachers at his school and last night she was telling CJ that she was talking to the principal and Deqlan happened to come up and the principal mentioned that Deqlan KILLED the Iowa test :-) Makes me so happy to know that we are doing something right with that boy! As frustrating as he can be sometimes ;-)

The last two weeks we have really buckled down with Hayden on working on things he needs to know for Kindergarten next year. He's in preschool 5 days a week (and was last year too) but he gets distracted so super easy! We've had a few melt downs when we ask him to do his "homework" (one night it was work sent home from his speech therapist) and when I say melt downs I mean full blown temper tantrums about doing his homework. Next year should definitely be interesting when he has homework every single night :-)

I'm sick :( I've been battling sinus issues since the first of the year. Two trips to my PCP with a round of antibiotics and a steroid spray plus a ton of over the counter medicine and I was still feeling like crap. I made my first visit to an ENT (both boys have seen one) last Wednesday where he was oh so kind to shove a camera up my nose! Came out of that with more pain than I had to begin with, a steroid pack, and a different antibiotic. The antibiotic has been causing some nasty migraines for the past four days and I really don't know how I'll be able to function until Saturday on them! If I have another bad day today I will have to call tomorrow morning to see if they can recommend something different. I am still waiting on my MRI results (talk about frustrating) so I need to call the office today to make sure they are planning on calling me with them!

All in all things are going pretty well around here considering it's CJ's first full week back at work and it was an 8-day work week! I'm definitely ready for him to be home for two days so I can rest and try to start feeling better!


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