Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My birthday was this past Sunday and I received a gift card to Sephora and some cash.  I went a little crazy shopping on Monday (this is what happens when I go shopping without the kids!!)

To go to Sephora I had to go to the mall that's 35 minutes away instead of the one that's only 20 minutes away so I knew I need to go to stores that I don't normally go to as well while I was there.

I went to Lush first.  I've recently gotten into Lush products (courtesy of MyHousewifeLife on YouTube) and still had quite a few products but decided to go ahead and purchase a few more since it's not convenient.  I got two bath melts (both in Dreamtime) and two different bath bombs (big blue and avobath).  Nothing I got have I tried before.  I can't wait to try my new products.  Of course I haven't had a chance to use the one's I bought last month!!

I stopped in Bath & Body Works.  I was looking for the Warm Apple Cider foaming hand soap but they already have the holiday line out and it's sold out online :-( I still have 3/4 of a bottle but CJ actually likes it-not that he'll use it.  I also got a candle stand for my desk.  I've been burning Marshmallow Fireside for just over a week and I've almost burned through it completely.  I have quite a stash of B&BW candles from the 2 for $20 sale they had in September.  There are a few holiday scents I want to try so I may get those later this month.

I ran into Ross-Simons to get my wedding set cleaned.  I normally take it somewhere else now (a family jeweler that I've known for years) but since I was there and that's where we purchased them they do it for free.  They needed it bad.  I'm going to need to get my rings re-dipped soon.  They are both white gold and are starting to yellow on the bottom-more so my wedding band than my engagement ring.

The main reason for my trip out there was Sephora.  I spent a lot of money but it was actually only $30 more than I had planned on spending so I was pleased with myself :-) I got an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer-I have the travel size from my Naked Palette and love it so I got the full size one so I can use the small one for travel only.  I purchased two things from NARS- the Laguna Bronzer and the Kalahari EyeShadow Duo.  I don't know how much I will use the bronzer during the fall/winter but I didn't mind getting now.  And I also went ahead and got the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette since they actually had it in stock.

Of course I've started making a list of other makeup items I want to try and there are still a few things from my last list that I need to purchase from Ulta.  I'm always looking for new makeup to try since I've just recently started wearing it on a regular basis.  What are your favorite makeup items??

Back to class today :-( I've also got to head over to the bookstore before class this morning to purchase a scantron for my lab practical tonight.  I'm glad it's Wednesday and I'll be home at a decent time.  I'm looking forward to the premiere of Nashville tonight-maybe I'll be able to stay awake for the entire thing.


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