Tuesday, September 18, 2012


  • Hayden is going back to school today :-) That one day to stay at home and rest with Daddy really did his body good.  Hopefully he's on the track to kicking this cold!
  • He's super excited to get to stay at school for Lunch Bunch today & tomorrow.  Which means I get an extra 30 minutes to get some things done in town :-)
  • One of the things I'll be getting done today is shopping for my Fall Swap partner Jess @ Pretty Physicist (you should go visit her!)
  • Of course I said I would do homework at a nearby restaurant while he was at Lunch Bunch but there's always tomorrow ;-)
  • Deqlan has a baseball game tonight but it's supposed to storm (pretty bad) off and on all day today.  I hope it doesn't get rained out...I can only go to Tuesday night games :-(
  • I took my first Biology test last week and was completely unprepared for it.  I knew going in I wasn't going to do well and I knew after I finished I had failed and sure enough I bombed it.
  • Yesterday was the first quiz in Spanish that I didn't feel confident about and that annoys me.  I understand the stuff in class for the most part and then I get home and just feel lost! I will definitely be working with my dad this weekend on it for our test Monday!
  • I feel like the kids fresh out of high school in my Spanish class have royally pissed off our teacher and for that she's been giving us a crap-load of homework.  Grow up people.  
  • I'm hoping my financial aid refund comes in this week...I could use that extra money to get some things done!
  • My Birthday is in 3 1/2 weeks :-) Which means that my brothers is in 9 days and I have no clue what to get him.  I already got my Mother-in-law's present for her birthday that's in 11 days.  And then my dad's is 6 days after mine and my sister in law's is 4 days after his.  See I need my refund!!!
  • Hubby is still on vacation this week.  He's supposed to be organizing the attic and cleaning out the garage-he did nothing at all yesterday even once I got home to watch Hayd.  He better get to work today.  He'll have to do the attic since it's supposed to rain!

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