Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Long days

  • I knew going into the semester that I was going to hate Monday and Wednesdays.  I underestimated how much I would hate them.  I woke up this morning ready to be back in bed tonight after class :-(  I am ready for the semester to be over even though we still have 12 weeks left! I am so ready to not be taking night classes!!!
  • I wasn't confident on the quiz we took in Spanish on Monday and my grade showed, I got a very low B.  I shouldn't be upset about it but it is my lowest grade I've received in that class.  She drops the lowest quiz grade at the end of the semester so I just need to make sure to do better on the rest of the quizzes.  We have a test Monday so I will be studying for that all weekend!!
  • Deqlan was supposed to have a baseball game last night but due to some crazy storms and tornado warnings it was cancelled which means he doesn't have another game until next Tuesday.  The coach is going to try to get a practice together for Sunday since last Sunday's got rained out.
  • Speaking of the tornado warning yesterday.  Right after CJ left to get Deqlan from school my brother called to tell me a tornado was spotted in the town next to us (where Deqlan goes to school) and was heading in our direction.  We don't live in big towns and we are right on the border of the towns so Hayden and I headed down to the half bath to have a light show since we had no power.  Thankfully nothing hit us and there was only slight wind damage.
  • We were only without power for about an hour and 15 minutes.  Any longer and we would have been heading to my parents ( 4 miles up the road & they had power)
  • Today's high is only 67...which means I had to go searching for jeans for Hayden to wear.  Thankfully someone bought him a pair for his birthday and they fit so he was good to go.
  • I have to leave early this morning to go put gas in my car and hopefully by then the accident on the highway I take to school will be cleared up.  Traffic looks miserable out there right now-thankful I have an hour and fifteen minutes before I'm on that road!
  • I hope everyone has a great day!!!


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