Sunday, September 9, 2012

Busy Weekend

Most of our weekends are pretty low-key since my husband works the majority of them.  But he is off on vacation for 17 days (and already driving me crazy).  Yesterday morning we took the boys to league and then split up...DH & the boys headed to my parents house & I headed out with my parents to get some new crape myrtles for our backyard (they are gorgeous!!) I love spending time with my parents and we are very lucky they are only 4 miles down the road from us!!

When I was still working Saturdays (I recently quit my job to go back to school full-time) they would keep the boys while we were both at work.  My boys love them and ask to see them every single day.  My parents stay very involved in the boys activities.  My oldest plays baseball and does swim team, they are at every game & every meet unless they are out of town.  Same goes for their Saturday morning league.  They are there every week.

Today I've been up since 7 getting stuff ready for the week.  Lunches are made, Hayden's clothes are laid out for the week, muffins are made, and the bonus room is cleaned and ready for our guests that are arriving tomorrow night! We are heading out for the day to see my brother & sister-in-law for a family meeting and lunch :-) They are going through the adoption process and want to update everyone (both sides of the family) at one time with where they are and what steps are next.  Then we're gonna head to the mall for a little shopping before back to the bowling center :-)

Have a great Sunday!

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