Monday, September 10, 2012


Weekdays tend to be crazy around here and they will get even crazier this week.  I have a morning class Monday-Friday and both boys have school.  Deqlan is in 2nd grade & Hayden is in preschool.  I drop both of them off on my way to class and then run errands after class before I pick up Hayden at 12:10.  So today after I get out I need to run to Kohls to return a couple of things & then head to Target and pick up a few more groceries for our guests that are arriving late today.  I'm still trying to decide if I will stay up to say hi to them (they don't land til midnight and I get up for the day at 5!) We'll see what time I get out of class tonight.  By the way, I will not take night classes again! This schedule I made for myself sucks!! Especially since Fall ball games start tomorrow night.  I'm not home M-Th nights!

Have a great day!

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