Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Classes started yesterday and I am actually happy about it. It's going to give me something to do with my time again! I am determined to make A's in both of my classes this semester.

For the last four years I have had some tooth/gum pain off and on. By off and on I mean I'll have it for like a week and then it goes away for 8 months or longer. Well the pain started last week (you would think the pain meds would have helped) and has gotten progressively worse. I have been on the verge of tears multiple times this morning because the pain has gotten so bad. I guess I'll call the dentist as soon as they open and hopefully they can get me in while Hayden is at school. I will say though I am going to be livid if they tell me it's a cavity because I was just there for a cleaning in November and had a cavity filled then.

Tomorrow CJ and I will be spending the afternoon at Duke to get his blood patch done. It was during his blood patch last year that we found out that his bone disease was in his back and was the culprit of all of his issues. While we had a CT done in November and they didn't see any new growth or changes we are both a little anxious about tomorrow and what will be found/seen. His appointment isn't until 2 but we have to be there at 1:30 and it's an hour drive out there. He can't eat after 8am so he's going to have to get up with the boys and have a big breakfast. He can't take any meds tomorrow either. Hopefully he handles this one as well as he did the first.

I need to call and make my first physical therapy appointment for next week. Originally the doctor said it would be a month before I started (which I thought sounded weird) but I am glad to be getting started, that just means I am one step closer to being back to bowling.

I got a text message from someone yesterday who I was really close too up until last year. Now she only talks to me when it is convenient for her or if she needs something. I didn't answer which made her angry apparently. I refuse to be used by her anymore than she has already used me and CJ. The boys loved her (Hayden called her sissy) and she just stopped talking to us one day, it broke their hearts.

Well I should probably get ready for the day and get Hayden up and ready for school. I hope everyone has a great day!!!


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  1. My classes start next week. I think we all have "friends" like that. the best thing to do is distance yourself from them and take care of you! I hope it isn't a cavity!