Monday, January 21, 2013

5 for Five

I haven't linked up with 5 for Five since the New Year started...Things have been a little crazy around here. We are slowly getting back to normal!!!

This week I want to...

1. Get all of our Christmas decorations down and put away. Yep all three trees are still up (only 1 still has decorations on it). That is the extent of the decorations that are still up. I got everything else down last week. I need to get another storage container to organize things a little bit better.

2. Get all homework done for the week. I mean this really shouldn't be negotiable but let's be totally is! I have a discussion board assignment due Wednesday and a test due Friday.

3. Take Deqlan to Durham on Tuesday to get his new ball drilled. We got Deqlan a new bowling ball for Christmas and haven't had a chance to take him to see my brother to get it drilled. He doesn't have school tomorrow so we will go once Hayden is out of school.

4. Cook dinner at home the four nights we are home this week. We've been so lazy about not eating dinner at home. We ate at home two nights last week which was an improvement. Now let's go for all four that we are home!

5. Drop off a birthday present for a party we missed yesterday. Hayden was supposed to go to a birthday party yesterday but I woke up with a migraine and CJ doesn't know the neighbors so we had to miss it. I need to wrap it and run it by this week.

The biggest thing is obviously Christmas decorations. I am tired of staring at the trees!!

I didn't blog much last week. I have been so down emotionally and mentally after all of CJ's health issues in the last week. I did some research and found a therapist near us that takes our insurance. I am going to try to get in this week to see her. I never thought I would need to see a therapist but I need someone to talk to about these things that is an outside party. I can talk to my mom about ANYTHING but she is going through this with me, so to tell her how stressed out I am, will only stress her out more! I wish I could say that CJ's family was helpful through all of this but they aren't. My parents drop whatever they are doing to help us. Meanwhile, his family just wants to know how he is. Talk about frustrating.

I have another follow-up with my surgeon this morning. I am bringing my Political Science book with me to get some reading done which means he will see me on time. That's usually what happens. My knee is looking good. Still pretty sore but physical therapy went well last week.

I hope everyone has a great day!!!


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