Saturday, January 12, 2013


We have had a busy and stressful week. I am happy to say that all four of us are home together again. I wish I could say that I never want to step foot into that hospital again but I know that is not reasonable or realistic given CJ's health issues.

Tuesday afternoon I did go to the dentist. No I did not have any issues with any of my teeth. Turns out I had yet another sinus infection. You could see my sinus cavity on the x-ray that's how inflamed they were. Started antibiotics for that. Haven't seen much improvement yet but I ended up skipping a day of medication while we were at the hospital.

Wednesday afternoon was CJ's blood patch appointment which actually started on time (shocking I know). A typical blood patch should only take 45 minutes to an hour CJ's take 2-2 1/2 hours. By the time I got back to recovery to see him it was almost 5 o'clock (I wanted to be on the road by 5 to head home). He was in so much pain, couldn't keep anything down, his blood pressure was through the roof, and sweat was pouring off of him. After giving him some pain meds & some nausea meds and not seeing any improvement the doctor gave us the option of admitting him or going home to see how he felt. Since we live an hour away going home really wasn't an option. Into the hospital we went. He ended up needing a spinal tap Wednesday night to drain fluid off. That gave him some relief for about an hour. The rest of the night was spent listening to him yell and moan about how much pain he was in and with nurses coming in every hour to give him an assortment of meds. Originally the doctor said he'd be admitted as a 23-hr. observation. She came Thursday morning and decided to go ahead and do another spinal tap with talks of having to do another one Thursday evening. We knew then we weren't going anywhere on Thursday. I was heartbroken. After Thursday mornings spinal tap CJ saw a lot of relief that was actually lasting. Not sure if all of it was from the spinal tap or if it was in addition to all of the medications that they were pumping into him. Thankfully he did not need another spinal tap. We spent the rest of Thursday trying to rest. First thing Friday morning the doctor came in and said we could go home! We were finally discharged about 10:45. We had to stop and pick up quite a few new prescriptions (one that I spent all day trying to track down only to find out that the resident wrote the script wrong!). By the time I was able to sit down and rest last night (after a very long shower) it was 7pm. I was asleep sometime before 10 last night.

We have been through so much with CJ's health in the last year, well actually in the last 3 years. I feel bad for the boys. I am so thankful that my parents live so close to us and are able and willing to drop whatever they are doing to help with the boys. On Wednesday both boys were at different houses until we were done at the hospital. My mom ended up picking them both up and swinging by our house to get clothes and Deqlan's lunch for Thursday. My dad stayed home from work on Thursday and took both boys to school and picked them up. Mom made another late night run to my house to get more clothes for the boys for Friday. Friday morning Deqlan woke up with a migraine (he's had them for about 2 years now) and Hayden had a nasty cold so they both stayed home from school with my mom. We were at my mom's by about 1:30 to pick them up Friday afternoon.


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