Monday, January 7, 2013

Day One

Today is my first day not taking pain meds during the day...I've been doing pretty good til now. I was on my feet way to much today & it has worn me out!

I had my post-op appointment this morning. It went well, aside from the fact that I didn't see the doctor until an hour after my appointment and it was for all of 3 minutes. What a waste of my time!!! In any event they took the stitches out today and put new steri-strips on. I can take those off at the end of the week. I am supposed to start physical therapy next week and then I see the doctor again in two weeks. He says all looks good right now which is what I like to hear!

Spring semester starts today. I'm only taking two online classes and have spent the last 20 minutes printing papers for my classes. I'll be spending the rest of the evening getting my notebooks together and starting my homework.

Tomorrow I have nothing on the calendar and I love it :-)


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