Thursday, January 17, 2013


uGGHHHHHH!!! The dreaded S word has made it's way into the forecast for tonight/tomorrow morning. Now growing up I loved snow days but now with the boys in school that will completely throw off my day if when they cancel school for tomorrow. January 2005 our county got hit with a crazy ice storm one morning (like after school started) and the county waited too long to send kids home from school and a lot of kids ended up stuck at school for the night, people were stuck on the roads for hours. It took me and CJ 6 hours to get home from his work which was only 10 minutes from where we were living. Did I mention I was 7 months pregnant with Deqlan? Yeah it was crazy!!! In any event, ever since then the school system is over-cautious about cancelling school (where when I was in school they waited until 6am to cancel anything). I bet we will have an announcement about a cancellation/delay by 8:30pm tonight. Now the weather all depends on when the "cold front" arrives. I am not looking forward to tonight's weather because we will be at the bowling center and will have to drive home in it. I am supposed to have physical therapy in the morning but I will have to cancel if the boys don't have school which means I may have to go Saturday morning. I really need to get two visits a week in.

Speaking of my physical therapy. I am going to the same place I went during Summer of 2011 when I started this whole big mess with my knee (at least this go round) and I love my therapist there BUT they have changed the way they charge you. Now I have to pay $75/visit until I reach my $2500 deductible. It used to be $13/visit. So frustrating. I wanted to go 3 times a week but we only put $100/month on our health card!! We had some money left on it from last year so I'll go twice a week for the 4 weeks he recommended and then hopefully I can just do the rest of the exercises at home. I haven't even gotten the bills from the anesthesiologist from my surgery or from the surgeon yet. I just know how much we owe the surgery center. And with all of CJ's stuff last week we have MORE THAN MET his deductible for the year. Crazy!!!

Sorry I have been such a horrible blogger lately. As I posted last night I'm dealing with some things emotionally and mentally that I need to get under control.


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