Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lazy Day!

Yesterday morning ended up being hectic because the winter storm moved in early than they expected. Deqlan ended up getting out 4 hours early (instead of 3) and so I had to pick him up early so I could get Hayden on time. We came over to my parents and just hung out. CJ was able to make it home by 3. They called all trucks in and sent them home and then told them they couldn't go out today until sunrise. We probably won't see him until about 8:30 tonight.

Deqlan has baseball tryouts this afternoon (assuming the roads thaw out enough). We got about a quarter of an inch of ice yesterday so we will see. He is super excited for select team tryouts because it's a travel team! I don't want him to get too excited because there is a very good chance he won't make the team but we'll see.

I should probably go shower so I can dry my hair and eat lunch before we need to leave. Gotta make sure I'm bundled up good to sit out at the field for an hour and a half!


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