Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's OK

I'm linking up with Amber & Neely for It's OK Thursday :-)

It's OK...
...that I'm enjoying sleeping with my knee propped up every night *although I would like to sleep on my stomach again!*
...that I let Hayden play hooky yesterday from school instead of fighting with him to get up & ready
...that I'm going to run an errand after I take Hayden to school even though I'm supposed to be "resting my knee"
...that I seriously cannot wait to get out of the house tonight...I've been at home since Friday!
...that I'm annoyed CJ doesn't seem to care about my recovery (example: hasn't asked a single time how my knee feels & doesn't spend any time with me before bed)
...that I don't want to take good care of him when he doesn't feel good anymore (yes I'm bitter)
...that I think it is ABSOLUTELY hilarious that my brother got completely trashed during the afternoon on NYE & ended up throwing up all over his friends bathroom & ended up making his wife mad
...that I desperately need some good girl friends...I lost many friends last year while taking care of CJ and it really showed me who my true friends were...answer...not many of them!



  1. Men typically don't make very good nurses. My mom had cancer surgery and my dad was an awful nurse. He cared he just wasn't sure how to show it as he isn't much of a coddler.

  2. Sounds like my husband...when's sick he's the whiniest baby there is and can't have anything to do with taking care of the kids "because he doesn't want to get them sick." Yet, when it's me that's sick, I don't get a break. I don't blame you one bit!

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