Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I hate playing the waiting game! I had to call the doctor's office back today because I still hadn't heard anything from them. She finally called me back to say she hadn't called because she wasn't sure when they could fit my surgery in...yet my message said I had QUESTIONS...

Unfortunately she wasn't there on Friday for my appointment so she didn't have much information about the actual procedure. But it looks like the goal is to do my surgery December 28th...yep two weeks from Friday!!! If this is actually going to happen that fast...I have a ton of stuff to get done around the house between now & then...& I need to figure out who can go with us to CJ's blood patch January 9th...on the off chance I am still on pain meds & can't drive...Oh and the boys go back to school Jan. 2nd...I definitely won't be able to drive then but hopefully my mom will be able to take a few days off to help out.

So I was supposed to have my Spanish interview this morning...I decided I wasn't going to go and just take the B that it would drop me too...This afternoon my professor called to check on me and reschedule it. She knew how hard I had worked this semester and she knows I'm frustrated with her participation grading (she took off 5 points per day missed from each chapter & I missed two this chapter which meant I had an 82 instead of a 92). Her taking off in participation for absences is the only reason I HAVE to do the interview for my A. I had an A all semester so I will go Friday morning and do it but I am not happy.

I got a D in Psychology but unfortunately that means no more financial aid...I got a B in health & a C in Biology (which was a HUGE shocker!!) All in all a decent semester. I am disappointed with my psychology grade but it is my own fault.

Tomorrow I need to get the trees decorated & some laundry done, some vacuuming done, & clean the kitchen, & go thru all of the presents I have so far to see what else I need to get...& start planning some freezer meals for when I have surgery!

Have a great night!


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