Monday, December 10, 2012


It was one crazy weekend!!!

Friday afternoon I had my appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to check how my knee was doing following the PRP injection. The answer change what so ever. He is really disappointed that my body didn't respond the way we had hoped. He did the equivalent of two treatments at one time and I have seen no improvement. The next step is surgery. I honestly thought it would be arthroscopic and I'd be back up and moving after 6 weeks...HAHAH!! Not happening. It will be at least a 3 month recovery period. While I'm not completely sure what all he is doing I know he mentioned having to cut the tendon. I called this morning and left a message for the nurse because I have a few questions and I want to go ahead and get this scheduled and done ASAP. Originally I was going to wait until after Nationals in May to do it but we go on vacation 3 weeks after we get back. I figure now is the best time to do it. Even though there is a chance I won't be back to bowling in time.

With now planning this major surgery and knowing what a long recovery it is going to be that means I had to make the tough decision to not go to school full-time next semester. I will be dropping my two on campus classes as soon as I get surgery scheduled. There is no way I'll be able to handle rehabbing my knee and 12 hours of classes. My two on campus classes were scheduled really close together and in the buildings next to each other but only 10 minutes in between. I know there is no way I can handle that especially since I will be on crutches for a while.

Friday night we went and said good-bye to Randy and paid our respects to Marti, Daniel, & Zane. I am glad that I went. I was fine until I got to Marti in the receiving line. My heart is broken for her. Over 30 years of marriage but what an inspiration they were/are for me and CJ. I love her to death and she was asking about CJ's health while we were talking. That's just the type of lady she is!!

My Aunt was in town so I got to see her for a few minutes Friday night when we dropped my grandfather off after the wake. And then I spent the majority of Saturday with her. My uncle was supposed to arrive about 12:30 Saturday afternoon but because of weather issues in Baltimore he got re-routed to Orlando and didn't end up arriving until 7:30. I didn't get to see them yesterday their flight was at 3 so by the time we were up and ready to go they were on the way to the airport already. It was a quick visit but much needed!!!

I finished my antibiotic for my sinus infection last week and I'm feeling crappy again. I don't know if it didn't go away completely or if it's back but I am hoping a good night's sleep will help!!

I had two exams. I need to e-mail one teacher and see if I need to come in for my interview on Wednesday...I am hoping the answer is no but I have a feeling the answer is yes if I want to keep an A in her class.

I have no where that I HAVE to be tomorrow besides take the boys to school and I am oh so thankful for that. My plan is to go to MOPS in the morning which I haven't been able to do at all this semester. I was planning on joining again for next semester but that will depend on when surgery is scheduled for.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!


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