Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I finally got my surgery scheduled. That only took a week and a half to do. All it took was me letting the front desk girl know that if I didn't hear back from his nurse by the end of the day I would be speaking with the office manager first thing tomorrow morning. It does not take that long to schedule a surgery (I used to work in a heart surgeon's office). Literally 15 minutes after hanging up with the receptionist the nurse called me to inform me of my times. Of course my pre-op appointment isn't until 4:30 the afternoon before surgery but at least it is scheduled now.

I need to get started on wrapping presents tonight. The last thing I want to be doing Monday night is wrapping presents!! I have a couple more things to pick up (mainly movies and stocking stuffers). I finally got the trees decorated good thing they will be up longer this year. I let CJ take the tree down last year and he did a horrible job wrapping up the ornaments. I need to make a run to the container store and get an ornament organizer so there are less Christmas boxes in the attic since we have an extra tree now.

I guess I also need to start my to-do list of things to get done around the house before my surgery. I wanted to make a few meals but I don't know when I will actually have time to do that. The house needs to be deep-cleaned before I worry about making meals. CJ can cook he just takes forever! Literally meals that should take 30 minutes take him at least an hour to cook-I have no clue why!!!!

Tomorrow Hayden has his last day of preschool before break. They'll sing some songs for about 30 minutes and then be out until Jan 2nd. Of course his break will end up being longer since I won't be able to drive right away. Then tomorrow afternoon Deqlan has his Winter "party" at school from 1-2:15, and then I'll just bring him home with me. He has a half day Friday but I may let him stay home, they aren't going to do anything and a day to sleep in sounds wonderful to me!!!



  1. Preparing for a surgery amidst Christmas stuff doesn't sound fun. :(

    I tagged you in a "5 Wishes" post that you can see here:

  2. Hi Megan,
    I hope you got your box! Can't wait to see what you thought!