Thursday, December 6, 2012


I am so tired of repeating myself...already this morning the boys have been told to stop playing about 20 times. Once they are ready for school play all you want...but please get ready FIRST!!!

I had a Spanish test yesterday morning that I felt so horrible about afterwards. Somehow I managed to pull out another A. I can't wait to look over it today in class and see what I thought I got wrong that I apparently got right LOL!!! I also had my first final last night in Biology. It was our lab practical. Our midterm had 50 questions and last night's only had 40. I did the best I could, I really don't feel like it is something you can study for, I mean I guess I could read my lab book but it's not really about how you did something it's about what the response/reaction is. In any event we also had a take home exam due Monday and I did so poorly on it. I am so frustrated that the best I got in that class was a C on any test. I will say though my professor is very lecture orientated on her exams and what killed me was the last lesson I missed when CJ was in the ER all day. She was looking for specific things from her lecture. One more night of Biology and that's the written exam that she'll be posting a review for online today. Can't wait to be done in that class!!

I have class this morning, then a few errands to run before I pick up Hayden from school, then I need to come home and bust my butt to finish my health review questions, then pick Deqlan up, run a few errands at the mall, and then off to the bowling center to bowl. My health review questions are due tomorrow night at 8 but I have a 1:20 doctor's appointment and then the family visitation for Randy is tomorrow night. And my Aunt arrives this afternoon but I won't see her until tomorrow it seems. That was my long way of saying that I need to have these health questions done and ready to be submitted tomorrow morning before I go to class! I'm about half done now but one of the questions left is a long one!

Have a great day!


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  1. That is one busy day! Hope you got everything done!

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