Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We had a great weekend!! Deqlan's sleepover ended up being a complete bust. Not a single one spent the night but they all stayed until about 10 so they had plenty of time to play and be crazy!! Saturday Deqlan had baseball practice so CJ took him while my mom and I went out and did some birthday shopping for him and then CJ took him to the Hurricanes game while Hayden and I hung out with my parents. Sunday was Deqlan's birthday. We did presents first thing in the morning and then CJ made some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I worked on getting the house picked up a bit and laundry going before we headed to the ball field for a double header. The weather was absolutely gorgeous (mid 70's with a warm breeze). We lost our first game but won our 2nd game. The boys looked 100% better the 2nd game!! We ended the weekend with a family dinner at Olive Garden (Deq's choice).

Aside from our great weekend, I feel like there is drama all around me right now. We are dealing with quite a bit of baseball drama because one of the select players who is on our rec team feels he is special and doesn't need to follow the rules. I should not put the blame on the child it belongs on the parents because they are the ones who are ultimately making the decisions on whether or not to bring him to practices. He is leaving our rec team short-handed and in turn will probably leave our select team short-handed since he is not playing rec like he is supposed to. Our neighborhood HOA has been a drama-fest for the past 3 weeks. It all started with the board elections when a newcomer to the neighborhood announced he would be running for HOA president and that he and a few others felt that the HOA president was not doing anything and started to trash her all over the neighborhood facebook page. I ended up having to call the cops one night because the president and her friend and this guy and one of his friends stood in my yard for 30 minutes screaming at each other like a bunch of school girls! Now it has been a constant battle in the neighborhood and people acting childish. It is driving me up the wall and at this point I just want to move to get away from the crazy people!!

I leave Friday morning for my weekend in California! I have been trying to get so much done around the house this week before I leave. Monday I ran a bunch of errands. Today I hit the grocery store since I ran out of time before picking up Hayden from school Monday and then came home to scrub the kitchen and mop the dining room floor. I've been working on laundry today (mainly folding stuff from this weekend) and will be continuing laundry through the rest of the week so I'm not behind when I get home. Tomorrow I think my plan is to clean the boys bathroom & the half bath downstairs (which CJ just did but did a horrible job on). Thursday will be spent getting a manicure and pedicure in the morning while Hayden is at school. Then after I get Deqlan from school we are going to my hairdresser's house so she can color my hair (again). Followed by baseball practice at 7:15. Once CJ gets home Thursday night he will run me to my parents house so I can sleep there and not wake the boys up when I leave Friday morning.

All of that to say I probably won't be around for the rest of the week since I'll be getting ready and then gone :-) So I hope everyone has a great weekend and this blogger drama is gone by the time I get back :-)


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