Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baseball has taken over

I wish I could post more...but right now our lives have been taken over with baseball!!! Deq had practice Monday night (that we ended up missing due to a migraine), we went to the Canes game last night, we have select practice tonight, and a scrimmage tomorrow night (praying for rain so I can get to the bowling center and cheer my team on in the roll-offs). I haven't cooked dinner since Tuesday night last week (yep a week ago)! And it will probably be Friday night before I cook dinner this week since practice is at 6 tonight. We shall see if I get my act together this afternoon to get something made. We have chicken in the fridge so I may just throw that in the oven with some barbeque sauce.

I hope everyone is doing well...I will be back at some point soon...Rec games start next week!


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