Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing Weekend!

The weekend went by so incredibly fast :( But it was absolutely amazing!! I am so glad that I flew out to California for my Aunt's 50th birthday party. I was able to see family (some that I haven't seen in almost 16 years), I met some family members I had never met before (two of my great uncle's on my dad's side and a cousin), and I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who has dealt with such tragedy in the last few months.

Back at the beginning of February a former LAPD officer started a rampage on current police officers and their families in Southern California. On February 12th he engaged in a gun battle with San Bernardino County Sheriff's. It was there he killed another officer and seriously wounded another. The officer killed in those mountains was Jeremiah MacKay, a 15 year veteran of the department. He is the best friend of my cousin that I met this weekend. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremiah's wife, Lynette this weekend at the party. She is an amazing woman who is handling this with such grace. I am so thankful for meeting her and hearing her story. It has been two months since she said see you later to her husband and since their kids got to see their daddy. She will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

The party itself was absolutely gorgeous. My aunt and uncle live on a mountain overlooking the city of Riverside which is just gorgeous at night all lit up. They hired a band to play (The Dave Silver Band) and they were amazing. Seriously, if you are in Southern California you need to check them out! They are a cover band but sound so good and definitely put on a great show. My aunt used to fly with one of the band members (Ozzie). I cannot wait to see pictures from the party (they hired a photographer). I left my phone in the bedroom all night so I could spend quality time with the family which means I have no pictures from the party!!

My flights home were uneventful. I am just absolutely exhausted and hope to catch up on some sleep this week. We have a busy week for the rest of the week. As in tonight and Friday night are our only nights at home with nothing going on!!


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