Sunday, February 10, 2013


I had a "friend" tell me yesterday that the reason CJ and I are no longer invited to the parties that they throw is because we use CJ's illness as an excuse to not doing anything. In the past year I can count on one hand how many times CJ and I were able to go out with friends. TWICE. I'm sorry that my husband has a chronic illness that prevents him from being able to go out. He was in so much pain for 5 months that I could not leave him at home with the kids to go out myself. The kids always ended up at my parents and after awhile I got tired of asking my parents to raise my kids. They are mine and CJ's responsibility and that means we aren't always going to be able to go out. Yes it sucks but really? Basically it boiled down to the fact that because CJ's illness doesn't have the word CANCER in it, it must not be serious and we are blowing it out of proportion. I hope they remember that whenever this disease puts CJ in a wheelchair or kills him, because that's what will happen at some point down the road. I am glad we don't consider them friends anymore. How dare they say we are blowing things out of proportion. I will say that since our three days at Duke in January, CJ is feeling the best he has since November 2011. He takes his daily medication at night and occasionally needs to take excedrin for a migraine, but that is it, no painkillers or anything else! Obviously we still have it on hand and keep it with us at all times but he hasn't needed them!!

I have started making my shopping list for my Reno trip. Yep I don't leave til the middle of May but I want to start buying things now so it's not all at once. There are quite a few makeup items I need to get and some clothes (I need some shorts to take). My mom and I will be sharing a suitcase again so I am limited in how much I can actually bring with me. I will have a carry-on bag for both of us to use as well. We will be bringing our toothbrushes and change of clothes with us after last year's luggage issue (our entire group of 7 had no luggage-it was sent to Vegas).

I have over 70 followers now :-) Thanks to all of my new followers from the Better Life Bags giveaway!! I am thinking of hosting a giveaway when I hit 100 followers but we shall see.

Well I need to go find the boys some lunch we have to be at the ball field in a couple of hours for Deqlan's last day of tryouts (hopefully we will know this week if he made the team)!


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