Thursday, February 14, 2013


My hair dresser (who is also my BFF) was supposed to do my hair today but when she went to pick up the color last night the beauty supply store had closed early! So now we are doing it first thing tomorrow morning. Oh I cannot wait! I am hoping to have a completely different hairstyle. We always end up doing the same thing and it is time for a change!!

My aunts are flying in today from New Hampshire. I cannot wait to spend some time with them. Another aunt will be here next week! I love it when they are here! We are having a big family spaghetti dinner at my parents Saturday night. My mom makes the best homemade spaghetti sauce the ENTIRE family loves it. Yesterday one of CJ's aunts & uncles were in town for a couple of hours dropping a car off so we went to lunch with them. We don't get to see them very often. It was nice for them to finally meet Hayden!

Not much going on around here. I need to get the boys up and ready for school so we make it out the door on time. Have a great day!


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