Friday, February 8, 2013

Playing Hooky!

I'm letting Hayden stay home today. After late nights both Wednesday & Thursday he needs a low-key day. I thought about letting Deqlan stay home but he has early release next Friday and a 4 day week the week after that. Plus I will probably let him stay home on early release day since we have family in town.

I have some homework that I need to get done today so not having to run all over the place will help. I did want to go to Moe's and get some queso and run to Target to buy a couple of movies for CJ for Valentine's but the weather will need to clear up a bit for me to do that. I hope everyone in the northeast stays safe this weekend with the impending blizzard. The majority of my family is in NH & MA so they are looking forward to a few snow days :-)

My Carolina Hurricanes won again last night (in overtime). Finally putting them over 500 for the first time this season. They are starting to play as a team and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. Hopefully we'll have some hockey to watch when we go to Reno. Speaking of Reno, all that is left to do is book the hotel rooms which we will do tomorrow afternoon. We will be staying at the it was way cheaper than where the rest of our group is staying and way nicer. Indoor pool & whirlpool spa plus a really nice spa. Since I don't gamble I need other things to spend my money on. This hotel is also connected to the convention center that we are bowling at so we don't need to rent a car. If we want to go downtown the hotel offers a shuttle. There is a drugstore or grocery store near the hotel that we can walk to if we want snacks or need anything. The hotel itself has a ton of restaurant options and there are also some chain restaurants around the hotel. If we stay downtown we are limited to the restaurants in the hotels and well we ate at the same two places the entire week we were there last year. I don't want to eat there again!

Have a great weekend!


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