Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Phone Rang

Yesterday was the day! After almost a full month of waiting for the phone to ring with information about our trip to The Mayo Clinic we finally got a time frame yesterday evening!!! I was working on dinner when the doctor called and told us we have two choices...November 26th (two days before Thanksgiving) or the Monday following Thanksgiving...Since we will be in Minnesota for at least 3 days we have decided to go the Monday after Thanksgiving. The doctor is supposed to call again today to go over some more details but at least we know that in just ONE MONTHS TIME we will be in Minnesota fixing my husband!! As negative as CJ and I have been after getting that phone call yesterday I am no longer negative but so positive over this working. I will no longer imagine my husband coming home in a wheelchair!!

This whole time I had been looking at flights into St.Paul...yeah there's an airport in Rochester BUT only 3 airlines fly into it which means NO free baggage :( I always fly Southwest but it looks like we will be flying Delta (way cheaper than American) and will have to pay for luggage so I guess I will be lugging our stupid winter coats on the plane :(

I've found a hotel that I like for the stay. It is a fairly new Hampton Inn. Knowing that I will probably spend the majority of the time by myself in the hotel I want someplace nice and safe. So now it is crunch time. Time to start making lists and getting the house cleaned and decorated for Christmas and getting some Christmas shopping done (hard to do with no money!). Since we will be gone at the beginning of the month and not really knowing for sure when we will be back I want to have as much done for the holiday's as I can. I am looking forward to 2014 being a HEALTHY year!!!

Please keep us and the boys in your thoughts and prayers over the next 6 weeks. They will be staying with my parents while we are away but we have never both left them for more than a night let alone a week!


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