Monday, September 2, 2013

Feeling Good!

I've talked many times about being a bowler. It is something I have done for my entire life and for a time this year I seriously wondered if it was something I would be able to do again following my surgery. I'm still in a ton of pain day in and day out, but with a new medication from my surgeon and some motrin every day I am able to function!

Saturday I bowled in a tournament (only the second one since my surgery). It wasn't a huge tournament and it was all women but it was good practice for a tournament coming up in just 3 1/2 weeks. I started out not so hot. I was having a hard time getting lined up and finally decided in the 7th frame of the first game to switch balls and make a huge adjustment. I finished the game with a 160 (26 pins under average) and was disappointed with such a rough game for a tournament that is only three games. Making things more challenging was that we had to move lanes after every game! Thankfully when we moved for the second game my adjustment was still working and I was finally feeling my knee loosen up. I ended the game with seven strikes in a row and shot 238 (highest for that game). I didn't know what place I was in after the first game but I knew that shooting 238 and beating everyone else by almost 40 pins would give me a good chance at getting in the top 4 (top 4 cashed). About three frames into the 3rd game they posted the standings and I was in FIRST!! But only by a few pins. To think that just a few months ago I couldn't bowl at all and the doctor was telling me that it may be something I have to give up and now I'm leading a tournament again made me smile and nothing anyone said or did was going to wipe that smile off of my face!! I was very fortunate to pull out the win!! I finished my third game with a 222 and ended up winning by 22 pins!!

I won $500!!! Since I've been an adult bowler this is the largest amount I have won! The icing on the cake is we just spent $400 on my car on Friday so this paid for it!!

I couldn't be happier with the way the weekend turned out! Now it is time to start practicing to get ready for Queens at the beginning of October!!


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  1. way to go on winning. I havent bowled since I was like 12 or 13 or so and was with a youth group of my church. So I know I'd suck at it.