Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday

I feel like this past week flew by. We spent 7 hours at the hospital Tuesday for CJ to have his blood patch done and we may be heading back early next week to have another one done.

1. Today is the first day of fall classes and my chemistry class doesn't have anything posted. No syllabus just the orientation quiz (which covers things that would be found in the syllabus). This class is only 9 weeks long & I'm already frustrated!!

2. Deqlan had his first kid-pitch practice last night. He has a new coach who knows nothing about him so we stressed how important it was for him to try his hardest. And then he gets out there and starts goofing off with the other kids and acted like he didn't know how to play baseball. It was not a fun ride home!!

3. Tonight we are supposed to go hang out with my niece & nephew so my brother & sister-in-law can head out for a much needed date night. I don't think they realized how much work an 11 year old girl & a 6 year old boy were going to be (my brother & sister-in-law are in the process of adopting). But the boys are excited to get to hang with their cousins for the evening.

4. Hayden's birthday party is SUNDAY!!!! We are having it at the pool we are members of and of course the weather is iffy for Sunday. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day & then there is a 40% chance on Sunday. Let us get through the party with no thunderstorms!!!

5. Next week is so busy. Baseball practice Tuesday & Wednesday night & Saturday morning (that we will miss). Wednesday is Hayden's birthday. Thursday night is our league meeting & Hayden's open house at the preschool (but I think we are going in the morning). Friday we have to be at the pain clinic at 8:40, it's an hour drive & traffic will be horrific which means leaving no later than 7:15!!. Friday afternoon we have Deqlan's meet the teacher at his school. And then Saturday morning bowling starts for Deqlan. I am so ready for school to start on the 26th for BOTH boys!!!


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  1. Busy busy... here's to hoping you get through the next week without too much stress! Enjoy the party on Sunday... fingers crossed for no rain!