Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let the Stalking Begin!!

A few weeks ago I wrote a review about my Plum Paper Designs planner and stated I wouldn't be repurchasing the Erin Condren Life Planner. I lied :-) I ordered a new life planner while on vacation and it shipped yesterday!! I'm hoping to use it differently than in years past by using it for my classes...hopefully it works.

CJ will be getting another blood patch done in the next week or so as soon as the doctor has an opening. It is hard to watch him in so much pain each and every day, but, it is just as hard to watch him lie around and not do anything because he is in pain. There are so many days when I am so frustrated with him because he won't get up and do things. Or I'll ask him to do something while I go run an errand and he won't do it because he hurt too bad. I understand he is in pain, but there is still a house that needs to be cleaned and two boys who want their dad at their events (he missed last nights swim meet because of pain). It is so hard to not lose my patience with him on a regular basis!

Last nights swim meet started off disappointing. After last weeks meet where Deqlan had 4 main events and was swimming on both relays, we got to the meet last night to find out he was swimming all heats and no relays! But that changed pretty quickly! One of the 9-10 year old boys was there but had an ear infection so his parents told him he couldn't swim but never told the coach. So Deqlan swam on both relays with the 9-10 year olds. He only had a few minutes warning before the medley relay where he was going to be swimming the backstroke to start it off. Backstroke is definitely not his best stroke...unfortunately he hit the lane rope about 3/4 of the way down the pool which is an automatic DQ. The Freestyle Relay went a lot better! He swam the 2nd leg and caught them up. By the time the 3rd swimmer was in the pool we had a huge lead that we held on to and ended up winning :-) Deqlan was so excited! Overall we still lost the meet but we were down 50 pts going into the final relays and only lost by 29. One more meet next week and then we will have another swim season under our belts. And we will have a few weeks to relax before fall baseball starts!!



  1. Would you mind telling me why you ended up going back to EC life planner?

    I use the EC one now but was debating getting a Plum Paper Family Planner next time instead. Would love to hear why you ended up going back to EC.

    1. The squares are just too small for me to write in for each member. There are some days where we have multiple things per member going on and I can't fit them all in one square. I love it besides that!

    2. Thank you! That's what I was worried about. They seem small in pics. Guess ill be sticking with EC. Seems like once you start using EC, it's hard to switch to anything else. ;)